Friday, October 23, 2015

Round Square Basket

I decided I needed to knit yesterday and wanted a simple project.

My decision was to knit another one of the square baskets with the turn down cuff like I had previously done.

I selected two of the same balls of yarn with a questionable amount of yarn on each.


The yarn was a thick and thin yarn which was quite different than what I used for the last ones.

I knit the “square” part exactly the same as the last ones.

When I finished that part I realized I would not have enough yarn to do the cuff.

I did some purling and ribbing and then bound off tightly.

I ended up with a round, rather than square basket, and I am pleased with it.

The way I knit I never quite know what I will get and that is fine.


Robbie said...

This actually turned out really nice!

The Inside Stori said...

Hummmmm…….could this be felted???