Friday, October 9, 2015

Simply Joyful Returned Home

It has been a little more than a year that his quilt has travelled the country.

I am always so happy when my creations return home safely.

It was quilted by Angela Walters. She does an amazing job choosing quilting to complement the design of the quilt.


This is what I said on the original blog post when I created this.

This is the most recent quilt I have designed for Robert Kaufman fabrics. It is 56 inches square.

It uses fabrics from the Harlequin collection designed by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka.

When I get a collection of fabrics I let them tell me what they want me to do.

This is a simple quilt to construct but the fabric arrangement is what makes it work. I did try some other arrangements and the quilt just died.

The fabrics will be available sometime after quilt market in your local quilt shops.

The pattern will be available from Robert Kaufman.

This would be easy enough for a beginning quilter and also fun for a more experienced quilter.

Some of you may wonder why I am creating quilts with commercial fabrics. When they ask me to create a quilt I will only do it if I am inspired by the fabric.

The fabrics Michael and Debra create are the most exciting fabrics I have seen in a long long time. They WORK!

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