Saturday, March 12, 2016

Decorative Machine Stitches

I have had my Janome sewing machine for over 15 years.
As with most people who have machines with a lot of decorative stitches I have rarely used them.
I found they were the perfect touch for one of the latest quilts I finished.
It is not easy to see what a stitch will look like from the tiny diagram on your machine.
After cutting two fingers and having them bandaged while they heal I had to find things I COULD do.
Knowing that I might like to do some decorative stitches on future quilts I made a sample of all the stitches. I was surprised to see some of them.
I have two alligators, one facing left and the other right. Not sure I’ll be using them unless as a Florida joke!
I have found some that are candidates to use on future quilts.
So stay tuned and see if any of these stitches show up on future quilts!


Robin said...

i've done that kind of sampler with my machine- I love how length and width can change a design- also love how some stretch stitches look totally different.

Robbie said...

My trusty Bernina (original) only has a few embroidery stitches 2nd Bernina has tons and at our class they suggested exactly what you did. I look at my and it's s nice to see how they stitch out and keeping that # beside each stitch makes it so simple!
Nicely done! And you will use this for sure as a reference!

Gayle from MI said...

Which machine do you have?