Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Covering On Lanai Cushions

After 11 years the covers on the green furniture on the lanai were starting to show slight fading and wear.
I bought the fabric last year and didn’t get them made. It was partly because time ran short and partly because I don’t like to do this type of sewing.
I finally bit the bullet and started on them. I finished one of them and it turned out great. The biggest problems were working with a long heavy roll of fabric, cutting the outdoor fabric accurately and dealing with the raveling. I did a lot of edge finishing with a zigzag as soon as each piece was cut out but it still didn’t eliminate all the raveling.
I have 7 more to go and although I know they’ll all work just as well as this one, I still am not looking forward to making them.
If you look toward the top of the picture you can see some of the furniture on the lanai.

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Lynda Thompson said...

I serge the edges to prevent the raveling.