Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just Sitting Knitting

Knitting is something I work on while watching TV….although many times the TV is just in the background and the knitting is my focus.
In case you don’t know I LOVE color. Knitting this scarf is color therapy for me as the yarn has wonderful colors. As you can see I am making color changes ever 2 rows. Often I don’t think the color progression on the yarn is pleasing so I break off the yarn and switch to a different skein. Sometimes I just take out all of a specific color. When I do that I find a way to work it in later. I will have some ends to weave in when I am done, but since this is Noro Kureyon, a loosely twisted wool yarn they will disappear when this is blocked and felted.
Because of the way I am using the yarn and going from skein to skein I can’t tell exactly how far I am, but my best guess is it is half done. When I am working on something like this I don’t want to put it down. I want to see the next color progressions. It reminds me of doing counted cross stitch when I just had to see what the next row would look like and 3 hours later I finally went to bed. The same thing used to happen with a good book!


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love the colors! and knitting is what I do when hubby is changing channels or I go downstairs with my knitting and watch one program at a time including commercials
have a great weekend