Thursday, March 10, 2016

First Ice Dyed Mandala Of 2016

I have been quilting and haven’t ice dyed until now. It has been TOO cold.
Someone asked me how warm is has to be to ice dye?
It has to be warm enough that I can be in the garage with no heat and not be cold! The dyes will work even if it is colder than that.
I don’t think I’ll have to be concerned about the temperature from now on as it seems to have warmed up for the duration.
I just have to get some more pieces of fabric washed and manipulated so they are ready to dye.
Each piece I do is so different than the others and that is good. If they were the same or very similar there would be no reason to dye more pieces.


Robbie said...

Beautiful!! Your mandala's are fabulous!!!

Robin said...

Very Georgia O'keefe looking. Love the play of colors. Is this more or less difficult than your usual dye technique?

Angela said...