Monday, April 10, 2017

Ice Dye Different

I am always playing and experimenting as I ice dye.
I had a white piece of fabric I screen printed one of my original design thermofax screens on with brown paint.
The contrast was to great to make it something I was pleased with.
It called for some soft southwest colors in my opinion to marry the print with the background.
I am pleased with the results. The coloration is much lighter that my usual work.
Had it been darker the printing would have been lost.


Robin said...

I love the look of this piece. I can picture the southwest in my mind just looking at it. How big is the piece?

The Inside Stori said...

Nice outcome……I’ve done a lot of ice-overdyeing……a great way to spiff up old commerical fabrics and newer experiments that need a little help!

Robbie said...

I love this piece and it is as beautiful in person as it is on your blog!!! Still the queen!!