Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Middle Child And His Girls

Andy and the family were were here for a visit and dinner Saturday evening. This was their group hug as they were leaving. Left to right: Tina, Kendall and Sarah. Sorry you can’t see Kendall’s pretty face.
Drew was here too but he left early as he said he had a date. I’m waiting for her picture.
It was a fun evening. I called it the Last Supper as it was the last chance to have them all here before I head north.
We had my famous Mexican dip, a green salad, ham, mashed potatoes and my green bean and baby pea casserole. Dessert was chocolate cookies and strawberry shortcake. The ham was the best one I think I have every cooked and there was a lot.
We were able to enjoy dinner on the lanai as the temperature dropped to 89 degrees!
Tina was a big help cleaning up after dinner. I sent almost all the left overs home with them. I did save enough for strawberry shortcake for my breakfast on Sunday!

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Robin said...

Family dinners are the best no matter the menu. Safe travel up north.