Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Year Is 2017 And Today I Am Making My 2017th Ever Blog Post!

I have been busy creating more ice dyes recently.
Each is very different than the others.
By trying many different ways of doing these I come up with a few really great ones, some that are quite good and my share of duds.
I was very pleased with this one. If you look closely you will see both equilateral triangles and hexagons. They changed greatly from the top to the bottom.
This is another piece I am pleased with. I love both the colors and the pattern.
The orientation of this one is quite different than most others. I love everything about it and a piece like this can fit in many spaces where nothing else could. I used a piece with a similar size and shape over one of the fireplaces at the Anderson Arts Center in my recent solo show.
I feels so good to be dyeing again and creating work with the help of serendipity. Each time I finish ironing a piece and look at it I enjoy seeing what has happened. It is really not until they are ironed that the true beauty makes its appearance.

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Susie Q said...

Continue to enjoy seeing the ice dye pieces.

Here is to 2018.... but don't wait 8 1/2 months to do the next post.