Saturday, April 1, 2017

To Thine Own Self Be True

I see so many beautiful quilts and can appreciate quilts that are so different that what I do. I have no desire to make certain types of quilts. Does that mean I don’t like them? Quite the opposite. I can love and appreciate all the different types of quilts others make.

I know there are many quilters who want to do it all. From the beginning I have leaned toward doing quilts with a geometric style. That does not mean I haven’t tried many different things.
I also have always had a love of color. My use of color has been refined over the years and it is now something I am recognized for. Colors get my creative juices flowing.
My quilts may have changed over the years but many of my friends can still spot a quilt of mine from a distance.

For years I had no desire to dye fabric. I loved the hand dyed fabrics and purchased them from the people who were dyeing fabrics as I did for this one.
Today most of my quilts are made from fabric I dyed or painted.
And of course one of the best types of quilts are FINISHED QUILTS!
I have learned to never say never along this journey. I only took a 1/2 day miniature quilt class so I could tell my students WHY it didn’t make sense to make miniature quilts.
During that class a light bulb went on and I made my first miniature in a technique I developed then and there. I went on to teach my techniques both in my local classes and throughout the USA.
I even made the world's smallest quilts as documented in Quilter’s Newsletter.
Over the years I have learned to never say never, but always keep an open mind and say maybe.  One never knows!
As you look at this post do YOU see anything all my work has in common?


Robbie said...

I just always see some type of geometric design(s) in your addition to the colors! They're always there!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Vivid colors. Graphic lines. And what a great line--The best quilts are finished quilts!!!