Friday, March 31, 2017

What’s Been Happening Today?

I think it is about time to get Mr. Bunny gourd out of the cupboard or Easter will be here and gone and he’ll still be in hiding.
Never one to share negative happenings I will have to say my IT company did an awesome job getting my computer back where it was when I messed up EVERYTHING while cleaning the keyboard with a paintbrush.
You may or may not know I have joined Facebook Anonymous. I think they want me to come back as they are sending me links to people I should friend. This includes just about everyone who I have ever had a conversation with, the nurses at a large medical facility,  a Dr. who I once saw, just about anyone who I do or have done business with, anyone with a name similar to the last name of one of my friends, anyone on my contacts list, or anyone of my friends family.
This picture as taken the very first time my friend Robbie Porter Payne came over to visit.
While I was writing this my neighbors came over and checked all through my garage and assured me the 3-4 foot long snake that was in my garage when I opened the door earlier is no longer there since I left the door open for him to escape. How lucky am I to have such great neighbors.
Since I didn’t want to go out in the garage and meet the snake I accomplished a lot of things on my To Do list!
You may or may not remember when I was looking for the CC? Well I guess the bunnies have been standing guard.
So it is a great day even without talking about the beautiful weather today.  Of course lunch was out on the screened porch and that should make my middle child happy as he says it is not a lanai!
No, not on the lanai. Fine dining at La Cuisine a while ago.
So lots of Happily Ever After Stories today.
If you are wondering why I am posting all these photos that seem to have no connection, they all were taken today’s date but in different years.


Robbie said...

Love the bunny! He is a rascal if he's hiding the CC!

Susie Q said...

Hummmm, is this leading up to April's Fool...???? Sure is a cute idea same date but different years....

The Inside Stori said...

What a clever way to look back at events that happened on the same day in past years…..