Saturday, March 18, 2017


With only today and tomorrow left before my show closes the feelings are bittersweet.
So much has happened on this journey and it has all been good. I found strengths I never knew I had. It has been a wonderful time of creation in my life.
But seeing it end may be hard to face as it has been one of the all consuming things in my life for several years.
I’d like to share a few more pictures of work from the show as I wind down for almost the last time.
Rosey Future and Aura
Rosey Future, Soft Touch and Jewel Box


15 Flavors Of Sorbet Marge
15 Flavors of Sorbet

ice dyeing poster marge
Ice Dyeing board
All above photos by Marge Barlow Martin

My Elusive Dream 62W x 62H
My Elusive Dream

Jewel box over fireplace
Jewel Box

Fresh Salsa

You can still see the show today and tomorrow at the Anderson Arts Center, 121 66th Street in Kenosha, Wisconsin from 1-4 p.m. and the same time tomorrow.
Hope you can make it to give the show an exciting send off as it closes.
I also would like to thank the others who took pictures of the show: my Daughter In Law Julie Sorensen, my granddaughter Jessica Sorensen, my grandson and granddaughter in law Blake and Stephanie Sorensen and coming all the way from Florida to see the show and take pictures Sally Bedford and Andy Bedford.

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claudia said...

"Fresh Salsa" has to be one of my all time favorites!
They are all so beautiful though!!!