Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Words I Live By

This title may not sound very exciting.
Will you keep going and see what I have to say?
I am currently on a hiatus from Facebook. You may have asked me for how long? I do not know the answer.

The word is SIMPLIFY!
One reason to use a computer is to simplify our lives and make it easier. It is easy to fall down a rabbit hole and waste precious time. And when they work smoothly that is true. When they don't, not true!
Although this quilt may not look simple I used the fabric to it's advantage and created a shaded very complex looking quilt quite simply.

That is another way we can waste time.
I had to make a decision on what to do with these pieced diamonds and it only took me 18 years to decided this was the one!

Two positive words I live by are SERENDIPITY and INTUITION.
They both come from very similar parts of who I am.
I am not one to make long range plans and goals. I found it is too easy for me to get sidetracked if I do and never achieve them.
But if I let SERENDIPITY take over my life goes forward and many wonderful things happen.
I needed something to help deaden the sound in our sunroom. All of a sudden a bolt of lightning hit and I thought maybe this quilt I had made years before and had planned to display in a totally different way might work. I played with it on the tables in my studio to see if I could make it fit the space. It worked perfectly. It is a 2 sided quilt so I was able to loop it around the pole I used to display it.

INTUITION may send me on a journey that I have no idea about why I am heading in that direction, yet when I make that journey the result is often a great reward.
Lest you think my life is only about quilts, my family and friends are a most important part of my life. I had great friends from years ago when we lived in Ohio. We had lost touch with each other for over 40 years. I did remember they had moved to Ocala, Florida so I let my intuition and a little bit of detective skills go to work and I found them. This is the "My Florida Family" I mention often.

Not only did I find my friend Sally (on right) but with a little more detective work we found our other BFF from Ohio....Grace, who lives in Nebraska on the left. What a great feeling after we hadn't been together for 50 years and find it's still the great friendship it was many years ago.

There are some exciting new things that will be happening in my life that I will be sharing with you soon so stay tuned for some announcements when I am allowed to make them.


Robbie said...

We are so afraid we are going to miss 'something' (on social network) that we end up missing out on 'things'!!! Life goes by so fast and your words will certainly resonate with a lot of your readers.
Your an inspiration to so many....thanks for being you!

bonnie banks said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who may take awhile to let serendipity cook up some creative ideas! I'm going to try (oh so difficult) to limit my computer/FB time too....I need to be more productive instead of looking at other people's creativity (although I love that inspiration); guess that's one of my excuses for spending so much time on FB.....thanks for all the inspiration you give......bonnie b