Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Good Stuff

I am sharing some thoughts on how I work in this post. It applies to all of my work no matter what the technique or medium is.
Now that my show is over it is time for me to work on new pieces.
I had an very general idea for a very simple work.
It is turning out not to be so simple but I hope it will be beautiful.
I started by pulling some pieces of beautiful hand dyed fabrics from my palette of fabrics. As I work on this I am continually adding more fabrics that will enhance the flow of this piece.
These are fabrics some people might feel too precious to use!
What you say? Use those gorgeous pieces of fabric? I can’t get any more of them and what if I want them?
They will never reach their potential sitting in a drawer because one is afraid to cut them up.
Remember, it is ONLY fabric and more can be created!
The fabrics you see here are just the beginning.
It is not going to be a quick project but I hope it will be successful.
When I start something, I have a very general idea of what I want to do.
As I work I watch when is happening and change course as necessary.
It is only then that a piece can hopefully reach it’s true potential.

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Valerie Pizzitola said...

For those precious fabrics that are "My Favorite!"(There are at least 30 of them) that I can barely bring myself to use, I use them. Then I take a remnant, even it it's only a 2" square, frame it and put it on my "There Will Never Be Another One Like You / I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together" wall.