Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Personal Stamps

This past Saturday I got together with my fiber art/surface design buds. We each carved several stamps. These are the ones I did and I’ll show you the others in another post.
Although I had done stamp carving before I used different tools this time and also used a new material which is the green one you see.
We met again on Monday and had a great time using the stamps.
I tried this stamp first and was pleased with the design.
I also tried printing it with a metallic paint.
This is another one of my stamps.
Here are 3 repeats of that block. One of the things I was trying to do was to see how the different paints I had worked for stamping the blocks.
Block number 3
2 repeats of block number 3. I did find it was more challenging to use the metallic paint.
This is my last block. Using this carving material was something new for me.
I did not get a print from this one with the metallic paint.
I did learn a lot trying the different paints and I know what my next attempts will be.
It also was a good learning experience seeing what the other 4 friends did with their blocks, colors, paints and ways of applying the paints. You will need to wait to see their work, but believe me it will be worth the wait.


Robbie said...

Your pics are great. I should have waited and had you send me pics of your stamping. I'll have to post link on my blog to your post! Great designs!!!

Nancy Burkhalter said...

Kay, the color we all loved was your olive green with metallics. Do you think you could reproduce that one?