Friday, March 17, 2017

Beginning The Final Countdown To The Conclusion Of My Show…3 days and counting down………..

Yes, I am counting TODAY as one of those 3 days.
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I love this photo taken by Marge Barlow Martin. The Ice Tapestry is Tranquility and the scene of Lake Michigan, snow and the tree are a perfect setting for this piece. As I looked at the quilt I could just imagine someone playing the piano. She said someone did come in and play it while she was there.
Whisper is another photo by Marge. What does this one make you think of?
Limenosity and Crystal Clear
Limenosity and Crystal Clear
Karma Marge
Marge got a great picture of Karma.
All the pictures on this blog post were taken by Marge with her iPhone 7
Thank you for allowing me to share these Marge.

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Marge Martin said...

I enjoyed the show and I am glad I was able to share the photos with you.