Thursday, March 16, 2017

Can You Say 4?

Counting today that is the amount of days you have to see my solo show and brighten these dreary winter days.
Yes, only 4 more days.
Yes, that is me…..the official Queen Of Ice!
This vessel Chasing Rainbows 7 is sold and will be heading to art collectors in Florida when the show closes.
Brain waves 4 inch
This is one of the pieces that is available in the gift shop. It is a double layered piece.
All the pieces in the show are for sale with the exception of those that have already been sold.
Mystic Spirit 1    40 x 40 inches
One of the upper galleries
Monet’s Garden 4, 5, 6
Red Delicious
Walk, run, drive, fly or teleport yourself to the Anderson Art Center to see the show before it is too late.


Janis Doucette said...

They're all beautiful Kay!

Havplenty said...

What beauties. Wishing you the best (of sales) with your last 4 show days.

Wen Redmond said...

stunning! wish I were there!