Friday, April 21, 2017

Strips Waiting To Tell Me Their Secret

These strips have been sewn together for a little while.
I used a lot of my really wonderful hand dyed and painted fabrics.
The fabrics that were TOO precious to cut and use…mostly created by me but some I purchased for big bucks.
Yet what enjoyment does one get from fabrics that are folded and put away??? NONE.
I know eventually I will be slicing (and maybe dicing) this strata.
It measures approximately 40 x 80 inches with some longer sections at one end.
Several ideas have come to mind, but I have not fully accepted any of them yet.
Time will tell.


Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I love the thought of just stitching strips together ready to cut up when the inspiration strikes, you have some beautiful fabrics.

Robin said...

rotated 90 degrees it looks like a great landscape background- green on the bottom- trees and flowers could be added as applique. Love the colors.

Yanicka said...

Can't wait to see :)