Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Glorious Felted Noro Scarf

Do you remember when I knit this scarf? I had several skeins of Noro yarn, each a different color combination. I was pleased with the finished piece, but it really needed to be slightly felted. Now that I know I could do it in my front loader washer it is done.
This is a closeup and you may be able to tell it is slightly felted….just enough to tighten up and even the stitches, but not enough to make it tight and stiff.

This is the picture I took right after I finished knitting it. The stitches are a little irregular, much as you would get before you block it.
The felting did what blocking would do and tightened up the stitches and made the scarf only slightly smaller.

AND …as with everything about me, it’s all about COLOR!


Robbie said...

And it has color! Fantastic color actually!!! Never thought of a 'slight' felting to a knitted piece. The yarn is wonderful in this piece! Very cool

Robin said...

Such a happy scarf. Light felting gave it more personality.