Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Beautiful Day Today

Today my friend Carol came over to visit.
We could talk quilts and lots of other stuff for hours.
We grew up 1.8 miles from each other in Wisconsin.
kayandcarolgat clubhouse2262018
My middle child was on his way over to bring me something so we waited quite a while to go to lunch until he got here. It was something he made for me and it was perfect. I am not showing it yet.
So Carol and I went to the clubhouse for lunch and they went riding around in the golf cart. When they were done with the first part of their ride they joined us in the club house for desert. After dessert Carol left for home and I went home.
The “kids” went for another golf cart ride as it was a perfect day. They brought the golf cart back and picked up some things I was sending back with them and found a space in the already full cargo area of our truck.
Love friends and family days.

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