Sunday, February 4, 2018

Appeared On Super Bowl XLIII on TV-My Grandson Jared & Family Super Bowl Stories

My son Greg called and said my 10 year old grandson was on the Super Bowl broadcast. How was that possible when they weren't in FL? Well, it was part of the Walter Payton award ceremony and was photographed elsewhere. So of course I had to run down and play back the recording which thankfully I hadn't erased. Sure enough there he was at about minute 14 waving and getting himself noticed easily.
I took photos and they looked good on the camera. When I put them on the computer screen they were full of lines. Does anyone know if it is possible to take a decent photo of a TV screen with a Canon Power Shot SD550 Digital ELPH?
Jared is the one with blondest hair on the right and his mouth open!

His 15 seconds of fame. I know it won’t be his last!

For Super Bowl XXVI Greg & Jerry went to the game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN. They were used to going to sporting events in Milwaukee and there you dressed like a bum (at that time) as you were likely to get beer spilled all over you.
Their tickets were gifted to them and they were in a prime location. It didn't take them long to realize than people dressed up for the games in MN.  Sitting right in from of them was Donald Trump and Marla Maples. This game was in 1992. They were quite embarrassed.

And lastly we have the story of Dana’s Super Bowl Party!

My time machine is going back to 1997.
I had become quite proficient in using my knitting machine and decided to knit the sweater you see my granddaughter wearing here.
She watched me work on it and was thrilled to have an original Packer sweater knit by her grandma. She was also quite a story teller.
She told me she needed a matching skirt. I told her I didn't have any fabric to match.
"No," she said, "you have to knit it".
After struggling with this uncooperative yarn and never wanting to use it again and certainly not wanting to buy more of it, I told her I didn't know how to knit a skirt. She told me it was easy and her Mom had done it - no, it was her Dad that did it. Neither of them had ever knit to the best of my knowledge.
Well, she finally got me to agree to knit a skirt. My criteria was I would start at the bottom and knit until the yarn ran out at the top so I would NEVER have to use this yarn again! I finished it and she was delighted. I think I must have taken a whole roll of film of her modeling it!
I was scheduled to leave for Jinny Beyer's Quilting Seminar the day before the Super Bowl as I usually did.
When I told her that she said "Oh, you can't. Change your ticket. You have to be here for the Super Bowl." I explained to her that it wouldn't be possible to change the ticket.
She then told me they were having a party for the Super Bowl at their house and I HAD to be there. I again explained I wouldn't be able to make it. She then told me "Someone who used to play for the Green Bay Packers would be at the party."
I asked her who and she said her dad's friend Bobby. I knew he had never played for the Packers knowing he was a runner and not built like a football player. I played along with her and said "Oh, I didn't know that. Next time I see him I'm going to have to congratulate him"
Knowing she was caught her quick reply was "Oh, he only played once. He didn't like it".
This was one of her stories I don't think I'll ever forget. She told "stories" for quite a few years!
I did leave on Saturday for the Jinny Beyer Quilting Seminar and watched the Packers win the Super Bowl on Hilton Head Island. The game was on so late I'm sure she did't even stay up to watch it.
If you don't live in Wisconsin you may not understand the devotion those of us in Wisconsin have to our Packers.

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