Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Olympic Quilt/Pillow 3…Another Gold Medal

When I started this I planned on making a small quilt. The center was a piece I layer painted and then thermofax screened. The borders were fabrics I had done layers of pattern on.
silk noil I used in pillow 2 2018
This is the fabric I used for the inner border.
silk noil 2 I used in pillow 2 2018
This is the fabric I used for the outer border.
When I got it to this size I realized the proportions didn’t work to use it as a quilt so I changed course and made it into a quilted pillow.
Olympic quilt pillow 3 before stuffing
You can see the quilting clearly in this picture of the top before it was sewn to the pillow back.
I wanted it to be firm so it would stand upright. I used a full pound of that non clumping polyester stuffing and it really is looking full and comfy.

I love it and I think it is the beginning of changing all the pillows in my great room over time.


Robbie said...

Another favorite!!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Lucky great room to be graced with such a beautiful piece of pillow art!!