Sunday, February 25, 2018

Olympic Quilt 5 Finished

This is the quilt before I turned it into a pillow. The top fabric is a piece of velvet I dyed and then textured with a rubber stamp and an iron.
The bottom fabric is a piece of leno weave silk noil I used to test how black dyes would work on silks.
The small focal point is a slashed sample I did to test the layering for the jacket I was making. 
It takes time to figure out how to work with each one of these small pieces. I did vertical quilting on the leno fabric and knew better than to do anything to the velvet or I would loose the texture I created.
I used a rough silk that looks like linen for the back of the pillow. I stuffed it firmly with a great quality polyester fiberfill. It will hold it shape and not slide down on the leather furniture.
I call these kind of pillows art pillows and they will be treated with respect. I may move them from room to room as time goes on.


Robbie said...

Very cool! So different!!!

Leigh-Anne van der Veen said...

Nice - I'm not sure what other adjectives to use - amazing, different, striking, inspiration, etc - they are all applicable and relevant.