Thursday, February 1, 2018

Finished Work By My Students

I have mentioned the fact that I taught for many years and had some students take classes from me for over 30 years. I guess you could call them my groupies,
Nothing gives a teacher greater satisfaction than seeing their students create work when she has given them instructions and then turns them loose to use that information. image

This 8 pointed Star for One Armed Quilter is a bed quilt made by Suzie McCormack.

This was part of a two piece exercise when two backgrounds were created and then shapes were added to each one. I love the way she used the spiral or similar design in all these  different shapes. This was also by Suzie.

I taught my own technique for constructing a tessellated quilt and each student designed their own tessellation.
Char Burns made this outstanding quilt for her son. It includes a machine embroidered wolf head in the center and she stenciled all the leaves after I gave her a quick lesson on stenciling on fabric.
These are just a few pieces my students created over the years. I am so proud of them and was so happy to have so many talented students.
Often I did not get to see/and or photograph finished work by my students. My classes in my studio and for the technical college were lecture/demo and the students created their work at home with their own machines, etc. This made the best use of their time and mine as I could share a lot more information in the least amount of time and they could work in their own familiar surroundings with all their supplies at tools available to them.

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