Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole Of WIPs

When I became a serious quilter I thought every quilt had to be KING size because our bed was king size.
If not king size, then at least bed size.
This one actually got finished and resides in the Master bedroom.

I have finished many of that size including the 8 Millennium quilts I made for my 8 grandchildren.
There are at least 8 of those king or almost king size quilts that are WIP.
Fortunately I woke up before too many years.
Paisley Star mandala was an early quilt that is now owned by a collector of my work. Lots and lots of very close hand quilting.
Evolution spoke to someone who never thought he wanted a quilt and it found a home as art for his office.


And then I veered off in the opposite direction creating miniature quilts and the worlds smallest quilt.
Somewhere along the way I settled on making quilts for the wall, art quilts and quilted clothing.
I made quilts from fabric dyed by others but said I would never dye my own fabric as it was too much work. NEVER say NEVER.
And that is what I am currently doing….dyeing white fabric and making ART from it to add pleasure to my life and the life of others.
I hope you have enjoyed following this brief journey from where, what and why I started until today.


Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing your journey and your work. It's definitely true: "Never say 'never'"! ;-) Have fun dyeing!

The Joyful Quilter said...

QUITE the journey!!