Thursday, January 18, 2018

Love My Lanai Light

It took me a long time to find this light. I previously had a pink and white light similar to this one.
It didn’t match the colors when I redecorated the lanai.
I actually jerry-rigged this which started as a hard wired hanging light. I just used the basic shade and attached the leaf/flower streamers to the shade in the manner it was supposed to be done! But it was one of those things where you felt like to had to climb inside and turn you hands inside out and get pricked by the pin like attaching parts.
I then used the original cone and light cord, etc. from the previous lamp.
I have it on a timer to come on as it gets dark and shut off a little before bedtime.
I love to see it either from the lanai or through the glass doors.
I have not fully enjoyed it for the last several days as it has been very cold. The cold radiates right through the glass doors and I have to shut the honeycomb blinds in the evening.

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Robbie said...

warm weather is coming..woo hoo! Just so it doesn't hit the 80's or 90's!