Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Works In Progress List Is Getting Smaller

pilesofprojectsand fabrics 013
This morning I did some updating on my Excel spread sheet that lists all my quilts.
It lists my 490 all time finishes.
Then it lists works in progress in a somewhat prioritized order. That order changes as I see fit.
At one time there were over 100 on the works in progress list.
Slowly I have whittled that down to only 35 as of today.
This has been an ongoing process for a long time.
Not only did it take finishing some of those and also newer ones I started, but I found a few more ways to make it happen.
I have given away or donated some of my works in progress to our guild to finish as charity quilts.
One of the cleverest ways I came up with is adding a few other lists: Rework or abandon, Maybe I don’t want to finish it, Low priority and Not real important.
Those lists are still on the spread sheet but I don’t count them. Occasionally one of them does move up on the list and gets finished.


mammafairy said...

I am impressed with them lining up on your towel horse...

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hooray! for someone who has as many projects in the works as I do. LOL!! Interesting idea to add the Rework or Abandon column on your project list. I might need to consider that!