Monday, January 22, 2018

To Be, Or Not To Be

As I was selecting fabrics to overdye with my next batch of shibori dyes I put some aside to consider how I was going to handle them.
Hexagon ice dye questionable what to do
I came to the realization that a few of them didn’t need overdyeing. Yet those were ones that I would have to really think about how to utilize them to really make them sing in a composition.

ice dye rosarch
Some will be used as a whole piece to be enhanced with additional fabrics.
Some will be sliced and diced.
And for some the decision has not been made yet.
One last thing I need to consider: Are these worth my putting any more time into them or should I be spending my time on some of my major pieces?
I could put some of these up for sale adding quite a few more. Who would really appreciate them and who would understand them and be able to make a finished work of art?

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Robbie said...

Really love that last pic/fabric! But they are all wonderful!