Monday, January 1, 2018

July–December 2017

These were probably the calmest months of the year for me.


In July I knit a lot of bowls and pods and wet felted them and a few other things.

I also did a variety of small sewn projects from leftovers from other projects.

1905 S Layton Ave August G Wolff architect

In August while looking for any information I could find about my maternal grandfather I found this house he designed in Milwaukee. How appropriate to find it in August as his name was August G Wolff.

Chair front view

September was my birthday month and I got this new hand painted chair.


October saw me heading to Seldom Inn for a while.


The high light of November is always Thanksgiving with my Florida family.

Jessica nursing school graduation

Jessica graduated from nursing school in December and Jeff and Colin graduated from Parkside the next day.

jeff and colin parkside graduation


December marked a return to the frozen tundra of the north to spend the holidays with my Wisconsin and Minnesota families to celebrate the holidays.

We bid 2017 good bye and look forward to 2018

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