Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Christmas To Remember

Although not everyone in the family could make it to celebrate Christmas together, we had a wonderful entertaining delicious time!
julie greg stockings
Many years ago a friend of my mothers knit stockings for the then members of our family. After she lost her sight it took me over two years to get a copy of the pattern from the designer. I knit several more for newer family members. Since I know longer fill these HUGE stockings I thought it was time to give them to everyone to take home.
Jessiastockingkevinnoel (2)
Here is Jessica with the last stocking I knit.
Heidi stocking (2)
Heidi’s stocking was the first one I knit.
The grandchildren who joined the family later received needlepoint stockings with their names.
Nick afghan (2)
Being the tallest member of the family Nick received Grandpa Jerry’s HUGE afghan I had knit for Florida.
jared fish plate (2)
My grandson’s love to fish so they were recipients of my fish plate collection in various sizes.
Stay tuned….Christmas continues!

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