Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On Creating Original Work

It is much easier to create original work if you don't spend time looking at what others have done. I would never have created these I have if I had let myself be influenced by the work of others. It can be good to work in a vacuum.
Turning Point was created in the 1980’s. It started with a rectangular block I drew spontaneously.  The black you see in the center is actually a hole. It was the first quilt I had accepted in a juried ART show and went on to be included in many shows and win many awards.
Blooming Balloon was created with an adaptation of the same block. You could say these were a series of 2!
Santa Fe Rhythm was created by using the right and wrong side of the fabric to give it a dimensional quality.
Chocolate Peppers was the result of making units and them coming up with a design to put them together. The pieces on the edges were designed after I came up with the layout.
I have designed many quilts using this approach.
These are all fairly early quilts on the journey to where I am now.
My motto when creating is “To thine own self be true.”


Nancy said...

Nice post, Kay. The use of the wrong side of fabric is very effective in your piece. Looking forward to your exhibition in Ocala.

Darcy Berg said...

I agree with Nancy. I like the 3-d look with the right and wrong side of fabric. Great work!

Kathleen Pitts said...

Never really saw the point of using the wrong side of the fabric, until now. Great lesson to learn.

dq said...

I love your creativity in each design! I have used the reverse side of fabric for the same effect before and I don't know if many quilters look at the wrong side for potential use. What you did with that quilt is so amazing and so three dimensional.