Thursday, November 8, 2018

How Can You Say Good Bye To A Special Friend?

55 years has gone by so fast.
We have lived close to each other in 2 different states.
My dear friend Jean Antes is moving to Colorado to live with her family while she is still vibrant.
I know they are looking forward to having her close.
EVERYONE loves Jean.
She was the first person I met when we moved back to Wisconsin 55 years ago.
We would never have found our way to this part of Florida if it weren’t for the fact that we visited them when they moved to Florida 25 years ago.
She is always a joy to be around. How many people do you know that can visit you for 2-3 weeks and when they leave you hate to see them go.
I made one last visit to see her before she leaves.
Goodbye dearest friend, I will see you in Colorado.


Robbie said...

I do hope you'll get out to see Jean maybe once a year! But there's always SKYPE or do have so many wonderful are lucky and we are lucky to be your friend.

Robin said...

Jean is a special friend. I hope you have many fun visits with her. You can also 'facetime' or skype.