Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do You Know What These Are? Scissors Fobs!

I enjoyed making these and continued making them until I ran out of supplies. Each one has one of my polymer clay beads on it. Who knows what they are?

Does this closeup help you?

When I got my new DOVO scissors I wanted a way to find it easily and so decided to make a scissors fob. My first attempts were not successful but I didn't give up.
I am so pleased with all of these.

Our Art Quilt Group had a luncheon today. I gifted one to each member.

I hope you enjoy this puzzle.
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Robin said...

I guessed stitch markers for knitting. it was hard to guess size at first. They are gorgeous scissor fobs. love the puzzle.

Joan said...

those are really lovely. it's hard to find those large lobster claws sometimes. I also have one attached to my digital camera since all those silver cameras tend to look alike.

Eva said...

Wonderful idea! They are so pretty. And helpful for sure!

themissymom said...

They look a lot like bobbins for making hand made bobbin lace.
Very pretty.

Michelle said...

Wonderful idea! And so pretty!