Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch - And Share Fiber Art

Today Robbie Payne came to my house for lunch. I took this picture of her in front of my quilt. That is something I do with many visitors.

I mentioned a little how we "met" on an earlier post. I knew she was someone I had a lot in common with and I certainly was right.

She brought along some of the things she is working on and as usual, they are fabulous. She loves to do handwork and beading and the results are spectacular. I didn't take pictures of those things as she shares them on her blog.

Although we are both fiber artists, I prefer machine work and the closest I get to beading is making polymer clay beads.

I made a quiche for lunch and Robbie brought the most sinfully delicious desert.

We had no problem finding things to talk about. It was a challenge getting in a visit as she will be heading north soon. I am so glad we did.

We are both participating in the slice quilt that Tommy Fitzsimmons is facilitating again this year. We both agreed it is more challenging than the one we did last year. I believe she has made more progress on it than I have. My progress so far only includes pulling out some fabrics for it and thinking about how I am going to approach it.

Of course she got to chose two amulets, one for herself, and one for a friend. She was the first to view the newest amulets.

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Robbie said...

Can't thank you enough for a wonderful afternoon!!! I'm so looking forward to next year...hoping I get another invite! Next time I'll bring lunch and dessert!!!