Monday, September 15, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

This quilt started out as a strip pieced quilt shading from roses through blues.
It then was cut into a curve shape and sewn together to create a new design.
It DIDN'T work. It was so bad I don't even have a photo of the original.
I had put a lot of time in it and I knew it was salvageable.

Step 1: I cut it into diagonal squares.
Step 2: I added one inch black strips between each square.
Step 3: I added a plain black border and some leftover piecing from the original strata to the left of the quilt.
It needed more.
Step 4: I went to my fabric collection and found a large tropical print. I cut pieces from it and laid them on the quilt in a pleasing arrangement. I appliqued them to the quilt.
It still needed something.
I spied the leftover pieces that resulted when I cut the original strata into the curve shape.
Step 5: I laid them on the quilt and VOILA - that was it!


Cay Denise said...

Nice job on the blog...for your first! Just a suggestion, if you can you might want to center the image that is in your header...that would look really cool as it is a lovely piece and is impressive for conveying the style sense of your work!

K said...

I'm puzzled as to why this is happening.
It is centered on my computer screen.
Are others experiencing the same thing?
Any clues as to why this may be happening?

Deb said...

Hello Kay, Debby here, from the Discharge class (2007) and then the True Colors class (April 2008).

Your blog looks great. Yes, the header is off to the left, but it looks fine to me and I personally would have no clue as to how to fix that. I have a blog as well, but I like your wide format, which I can't fix on mine. Oh well,that's life. I'll bookmark your blog and check in often. Love your quilts! Such an inspiration! (I've got fabric batching right now actually.)