Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing my studio assistant

How many times have you said "If I had a studio assistant I could accomplish so much more?"
I am very fortunate to have had a studio assistant for almost a quarter of a century and she does help me a lot.
I was glad to have her around today as I finished the quilting on another one of the quilts for my upcoming show.

One important thing when choosing a studio assistant is to find someone who does not expect you to talk to them all the time.
I also prefer someone who is a quilter themselves.
I don't feel they must have the same quilting style as I do, but they must be passionate about their quilting.
They have to be able to stay on task without your constantly telling them what to do.

She is not easily distracted. A few years ago my then 2 year old granddaughter thought my assistant was unfriendly. Heidi looked up at her and said "Hi!"
When my assistant didn't even answer her she got the strangest look on her face.

A positive attitude is another important atribute.
She never expresses a negative opinion not matter what I do.

She has never put things in a place that I can't find them.

She is older than I am so I can draw on her wisdom.

I would like to introduce you to my studio assistant.

She has a few more wrinkles than I do as you can see in her closeup.

"Quilting Granny" by Sara Baker 1984

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Melody said...

Well you got me on that one! Too adorable.