Saturday, November 15, 2008

Absolutely Fantastic Fiber Art

I was extremely fortunate to win this piece in a Fiber Art For a Cause event.

It is by Frances Holliday Alford. I'm including two images that you can enlarge so you can see some of the the detail Frances puts into her art. I had originally planned on mounting it on Ultrasuede, framing it and hanging it on the bedroom wall.

When I received it I knew I had to find a place to display it where it could be seen by everyone who comes into my house and they could handle it (carefully) and look at it close up. Close up is the best way to fully appreciate all the items Frances has incorporated in this piece. The details and objects she combines in a color flow way are amazing, surprising, pleasing to the eye, fun, neat and just beautiful.

My sister was visiting and was totally engrossed in the piece and enjoying it immensely. I mentioned some of my ideas for a place to display it. (So far I have had it on the top of a table and a credenza.)
I thought I had found a place to hang it on the wall in the bedroom. She said absolutely not. How many people would see it there. I said I would but that was not good enough for her.
She suggested I place it on a pillow (almost as if it was a pillow cover) and display it that way.
Even though I am the older sister I listened to my younger sister and this is how I am currently displaying it. (It will be moved when my grandchildren and the dogs visit.)
It is right next to the chair I sit in and I can look at it and appreciate it.
I am sure this piece of art will find many perfect locations in my home. This is it's current perfect location.
I really consider this piece interactive art as the viewer reacts to the items they see and associates many of them with parts of their life,past and present.
Frances sews all the embellishments on by hand and just can't stop until it is totally totally embellished. There are places on this pieces where the embellishments are almost 2 inches above the surface. I know you can't totally see how fantastic this is in a photo but I'm going to try and share as much as I can with you in the next photo.

Here is a close up of the entire piece. I've purposely left this photo clickable so you can really get a good detail view of this.
She is the master of embellishment in my opinion. No one else that I am aware of begins to compare.
Frances is one of the artists who will have a solo show at Quilts: Another Dimension that I have posted at the top of the right column. Hew work definitely has "another dimension".


karenfae said...

What a wonderful piece of art - the embellishement is so neat - I always wish I could come up with ideas like this and be original! by the way I love the lamp in back of the couch.

Exuberant Color said...

That is so beautiful! It must weigh a ton. That would be fun to try on a 6" piece I think but she must have a much longer attention span than I do. Congratulations on getting it. It has to be a mood enhancer every time you look at it.

norma said...

Va, va, va voom! Amazing! I remember seeing her Journal Quilts in Houston and being blown away. Lucky you to have it for yourself.