Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yikes - Stripes!!

When I opened my last blog post and saw the purses right under my blog header I thought to myself - gee those look so similar.
And the more I thought about it I remembered how much I like stripes.
I have used stripes in many of my quilts.
When I'm shopping a stripe top calls my name and says "Buy me."
I didn't think I had used any stripes in decorating but then I remembered the gorgeous wool multicolor rug I put in my Florida living room to pull together the various colors and styles of orphan furniture.
As I think about this it is not something that has happened recently. I sewed stripe tops as a teenager. As a thin young mother I remember the neon lime and hot pink diagonal stripe bathing suit . And if that wasn't enough I also purchased a matching cover up. Those stripes were almost 2" wide! It was on sale at the end of the season. I wonder why? I loved that combination.

Technically this quilt is a stripe quilt. The fabric was strip pieced into large rectangles and then sub cut and rotated to get this effect.
I named it the Office Quilt because I thought it was something that could hang in most offices or cubicles. I taught the class on making this quilt many, many times. It was always a popular class and something that could be done even by people who weren't quilters (yet).
It is the same format I used for the quilt I showed on my blog post on September 15, 2008. This one was more successful and the effect was what I wanted. It is quilted with a rose and blue metallic thread which adds just a little sparkle and accent.
I can almost guarantee you this is not the last time you will see stripe quilts on my blog!
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And of course a stripe puzzle is in order for today!

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Judi said...

WOW Kay now that was a tough one for me. 9:36 VBG Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Judi