Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quilts that will not be a part of my solo show

I have been working hard trying to get all my quilts for my show done so I can go to Florida for a few weeks. I was supposed to leave today but I'm too far behind.

I really am enjoying my time here in Wisconsin. It is the first fall I have spent here in 5 years. It is my favorite time of the year and I actually am seeing some color changes in my yard - finally!

This is a quilt I dye painted. I felt it needed to be overpainted.

This is the same quilt after I overpainted it with fabric paint. I couldn't decide whether I like the new version or not.

This is another quilt I dye painted. I thought the colors were too light and that it needed more detail.

This is the same quilt overpainted.

I put both pieces on my design wall and studied them. I think they may be just fine when I add the third layer which will be the quilting.

I also decided they are just too different from the rest of my quilts for the show so they will be saved for another show.

In addition to the work on these I did get two quilts layered and ready to quilt.

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Mary Stori said... my humble opinion.....both of your pieces have benefited from overpainting!!
Mary Stori