Monday, November 24, 2008

Let it Snow, I'm ready!

I'm working hard trying to get this house organized and decluttered. This means getting rid of things, finishing things and just plain straightening things and putting them away.

One of the things I did was finish two felted purses. I made them several years ago but never attached the straps. I added the straps and it was so easy I don't know why it took so long.

I just love this bright Christmas red felted scarf I made from sweaters.
It is made this from 2 identical sweaters that were never worn. I cut strips from them and felted them together with my Embellisher machine. I put marbles on the wrong side and wound the marbles with tiny rubber bands.
I put it a mesh laundry bag. It was then put in the washing machine with some towels, detergent and very hot water. I ran the washer for about 25 minutes, checking it for how much it felted and stopped when I was satisfied with the texture.
It did create a lot of lint in the washer and I stopped it often and with a strainer removed all the lint on the surface of the water.
I dried it flat on a drying rack. After it was dry I carefully removed the rubber bands and marbles.
I'm thrilled with it as it turned out just as I hoped it would.
If you click the photo you can see the texture from the marbles.

It's a quick project and one you still have time to make for someone for Christmas.

When I looked outside this morning the ground was covered with snow. It's our first snowfall and everything looks so fresh and clean. I don't expect it to last. Do you recognize the view? It is the same view you saw on my fall post on November 2nd.

Now I can wear my new cuddly scarf!

I'm also still getting rid of things. One of the things I have decided to part with is part of my magazine collection. I've listed the magazines on my side bar. If you are interested in any of them email me.

And of course I couldn't conclude this post without a puzzle so you can enjoy our snow.
Click to Mix and Solve
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


norma said...

I love love , love that scarf! Makes me think of what sweaters I have that I could bear to part with. Maybe check the thrift shops.
Your purses are great, too. I've always admired those felted bags, but I don't knit. Don't want to learn.

karenfae said...

I love your bags - are those knit? you said felt, but I couldn't tell by looking at them. They are really pretty. I love the bold colors.

Mary Ritter said...

How did you attach the straps? Did you felt them together with your felting machine or attach them with stitching - hand or machine? I love to use my Janome felted too! I'm always concerned that the felted purse handles will not be strong enough to hold. Found this post through the Quiltart List.