Monday, July 27, 2009

Annie's Choice - Historic Concepts

The quilts in my Historic Concepts series are replications of antique quilts. They are not bed size quilts. They are all meant to hang on a wall.

These were done before the manufacturers started making reproduction fabrics. I collected fabrics that would have the effect of the fabrics in the original quilts for years before I started this series.
Had I done these with reproduction fabrics they would not have had the same effect.
People would have looked at them and said "Oh, Suzie's Feedsack line, 1998".

When I showed someone this blue Annie's Choice quilt he thought my quilt was the original one in the picture that had inspired it. I considered this a big success.

Although the original in the magazine was blue, this quilt also lent itself to being made in brown and burgundy. I haven't finished the burgundy version yet, although many others have.

Since the blue version is the original I chose that for tonight's puzzle.
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