Friday, July 31, 2009

Ohio Star - Historic Concepts

This is a replication of an Ohio Star quilt found in a magazine. This teaches the easy way to make quarter square triangles.
The hand quilting on this quilt covers the entire surface with no accommodation to the pieced blocks.
This quilting design can be called Baptist fans, Methodist fans or many other names.

On this Peach and green version I decided to do some intricate hand quilting. The pieced blocks are simply quilted near the seams.
The peach print areas have an intricate quilting motif. The border has a beautiful feather design.

You are probably saying "But I don't see the quilting."
The reason you are not seeing it is not poor photography. It is the busy peach print I used as the background. If you're a quilter I hope you will learn from my experience.

This photo shows the back of the quilt. You can see the quilting here. But who would hang this quilt on the wall backwards?

Let's do an easy puzzle with the Pink and Blue version.
Click to Mix and Solve

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