Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet me at the fair!

This is one of my favorite quilts. I made it for a contest sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens Quilting. I can't remember if I was a finalist but it was not a winner.
To me it was a winner because this quilt is so much fun and so meaningful.


I had the fabric that said Blue Ribbon on it. My pattern company is called BLue Ribbon Patterns so when I saw the apron panels with Blue Ribbon on it I bought all they had.

I also had a panel print with the words "Meet me at the fair" and the 4 scenes.
The contest theme had something to do with county and state fairs and they were very specific as to what blocks you could chose from.

For the center of this pinwheel block I used part of the ferris wheel and the pinwheel suggests movement.

I had a lot of fun acquiring fabrics that were related to things about a fair.

As usual I was working to meet a deadline. I brought the quilt to Minnesota while we took care of our 4 grandchildren while their parents went on a trip. My grandson Jared was 2 1/2 and to keep him busy I let him help me machine quilt this quilt. He held the corner while I did the machine quilting. Some day this quilt will belong to him.

Do you attend a fair in your area during the summer? I hope the quilt will remind you of the fun you have at your fair.

Enjoy some more details of this quilt.
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norma said...

What a fun quilt! You used some unique fabrics in a most appropriate way. Looks like a winner to me.

Dolores said...

I recognize some of the fabrics in your border. How long ago did you make this quilt?