Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reruns Part 3

I'm selecting only the very best posts from the past for reruns.

When Jinny Beyer first came out with her palette fabrics I bought some 5" squares of each of the 100 colors. They got me so excited I had to make something with them right away.
I drew up squares divided into either 12 or 13 wedges so I could use all 100 colors.
I pieced the section of colored squares closest to the middle.
But - I had a problem.
Since the fabric squares were only 5 inches I was left with a hole at one corner of each square. To fill in this section I fussy cut pieces from a black paisley print and appliqued them over the holes.
I had no overall design in mind when I started making this. Each round was designed as I was ready to do it. I made design decisions to enhance and relate to the work already created.
The next step was designing something for the star in the center. I chose to use a gray to black gradations design. Each diamond was hand appliqued.
The third round was similar to the center but I only used 2 fabrics in each diamond.
Round four was more of the palette fabric with either 12 or 13 in each unit.
The last round was another black to gray gradation.
I hand quilted this quilt.
It won First Place Professional in RJR's Palette Fabric competition.
It was pictured in McCalls Quilting Magazine.
I was also appeared on Simply Quilts with this quilt.

Tonight's puzzle is my favorite cut - lizards In Living Color!
Click to Mix and Solve

Stay tuned as I will be doing more First Run posts again.


SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful. Great design, great choice of fabrics, great color. I love it.

Delightful article too!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome piece

Fiesta said...

Just beautiful!