Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything old is new again - or is it?

Quilting is a journey.
I almost hesitate to show you some of these quilts as they are so common and elementary. Without these stops on the journey I would never have reached today's destination.

This quilt is from my Historic Concepts series. These are replications of antique quilts. As simple as this is it is very graphic and each corner matches perfectly so you are not distracted by mismatched corners.

This School House quilt was made from a design in an Eleanor Burns booklet. I made it for my husband's office. He spent 38 years in education. I chose the masculine homespun plaids as I felt those were appropriate for a man.

When I first became connected to the internet I heard about a swap making cat blocks from homespun fabrics. I decided to participate and these were the blocks I received. My granddaughter Heidi worked with me designing the quilt. She was probably no more than 8 at the time. She drew up the letters and I pieced the letters, the quilt and borders, quilted and bound it. SOLD

What precipitated this post? I was vaccuuming my studio today (chasing around my Roomba so it didn't get lost under something) and decided I needed to do some rearranging of my quilt storage. While I had the quilts out I photographed some that I did not have photos of on the computer.

I know many quilters and others love cat's so tonight's puzzle is for you.
Click to Mix and Solve

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SCquiltaddict said...

funny i made an almost identical cat quilt out of horton moms fav quilt that i have given her to this day....from Janice somebodies cat quilt book!