Sunday, December 19, 2010

3rd Annual Sibling Christmas Dinner Party

We never seem to remember to take any pictures until we are finished eating. Here you see everyone (except me)at the table after we finished eating.

This photo is of the 4 siblings.

If you look closely at the photos we are all wearing scarves. These are the Jane Steinberg scarves I gave everyone last year.
This year the women received polymer clay bowls I made. The men were gifted with a box of Turtles from The Ranch Candy Shop.

We began the evening with appetizers. Mary made the old stand by hot artichoke dip which we inhaled along with champagne. Then we were also treated to her new appetizer, Apple-Rosemary Blue Cheese Bites. She used Honey crisp apples. They were out of this world.

Karen made one of her famous and wonderful salads.

I was responsible for the main course: Salmon, twice baked potatoes and rolls.

We finished the evening with a Snickers Pie made by Connie and coffee.

Our family loves food and we were not disappointed with our dinner tonight.
5 stars for sure!