Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Garden Club Christmas Home Tour First Night

Tonight I welcomed 225 visitors to my home as part of the Garden Club Christmas Home Tour.
The Garden Club puts a tree in front of each home that is on the tour. I couldn't believe how the tree coordinated with my home decor, both inside and outside.

This is my welcoming committee. These are Christmas green signed Don Featherstone flamingos I won on eBay a few years ago. They created a lot of interest. People loved them as the green color was so unexpected and Christmasy.

I didn't do this my myself. I had 4 hostesses and a host helping me tonight. What a festive group they are. They were all delightful and I was so happy to have their assistance.

I enjoyed seeing so many friends and also meeting so many new people. I am looking forward to night 2 tomorrow evening.

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Dolores said...

Love those flamingos no matter what colour they are.