Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amulets - A Veritable Feast Of Color

My supply of amulets is running low.

For those of you who don't know about them, these are small disc of polymer clay I make. They are made completely with colored clay. The patterns are formed with the clay. In the above photo you see some of my supply of canes I have made with the clays. These have been created over a period of several years.

After I set up my equipment today I started to make this new batch of canes.

Each one is different. I carefully add pieces of clay until I am satisfied with the design.

Tomorrow I will bake these along with the rest of them I will be making.

What are these for and what will I do with them?
They can be a good luck charm, a worry stone or just a piece of art.

I give them to people who visit me. The first time you visit you get two of them. One is to keep and the second is to give away to someone else. This allows me to share my art with more people. It is always interesting for me to see which ones people chose. Often one that I am not personally excited about is the first one chosen from a new group.

Each time you visit after that you get one more to keep, although you could give it away if you wanted to.

So when will you be coming to visit?


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. I would love to visit, even without such a nice enticement. What a great tradition.

Kwiltsfl said...

Do the canes stay pliable and usable as you store them - till you cut and form then into amulets? They are beautiful!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The canes and clay stay soft and pliable if they are not subjected to too much heat.
Often you have to soften then up a little with various methods if they are quite old.
Some brands of clays remain more pliable than others.

solomi558 said...

They are so pretty , I have seen them on your blog before ,If I lived near you I would be on your doorstep , Alas I live in England--cottonreel

Rachel said...


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Each one is a little gem. Lucky friends!