Friday, December 3, 2010

Victorian Tea Part Three

This is my 600th blog post.
Thanks to all of you who follow along on my journey with it's twists and turns.

This is a very Victorian wreath.

It is a tradition to take a photo of all the table hostesses at each tea. This is a most elegant group.

Each tea has a goup of ladies who keep everyone's tea cup full. Their attire is always appropriate for the theme.

Each course is served by the men who volunteer as butlers. I think they enjoy themselves as much as the guests at the tea.

I am always fascinated by the creativity of the individual place settings.

Another lovely place setting.

And one last place setting for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

A most Victorian Wreath just begins the beautiful pictures of what seems to be a delightful tea.

On to more twists and turns as you post post post.


Eva said...

Wonderful! The first prize for elegance goes to the lady in black and white, second right. The first prize for best period style should be for the lady in the middle in the light blue skirt and large white hat.
These costumes remind me so of my family pictures!