Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Guess I Still Am Teaching Quilting!

I just got an email from a former student in Wisconsin along with a photo of the quilt she made with my Potato Chip Quilt tutorial.

This is the quilt Mary Koster made from the tutorial.
It is really lovely and I am sure the recipient will be thrilled with it.

This is what she had to say:
Here’s my go at making one of these. My daughter needed a “quick Quilt” for a gift and picked out the colors….I used a BALI POP pack “green tea” ... this worked out great as there are 40 strips in a pack and I only need 38! I would have used something bolder as the little inset pieces but she wanted it all to “blend” . And I added a 3.5 inch border of the same fabric to make it just a “tad bit” bigger. It was fun to watch the top change colors as you cut and sewed and cut sewed the strips. I will most definitely make this again…a great way to use up fabric orphans!!! Are you amazed who views your web site!!! Thanks for this great idea! Now to find the time to quilt it! Mary ( the colors are truly lovely…these photos do not do justice….but it’s a gray gloomy day in Wisconsin…so this is as good as it gets!! )

I did a little editing to make the photo a little brighter. The colors are as close as I could get to the Bali Pop I viewed on line. Since everyone's monitor sees color a little differently I hope this does the quilt justice.

I'm so glad when I see/saw the work my students do.

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